Sikhana means 'to educate' in Urdu, the brand aims to remove ignorance through its lifestyle collection, which help enlighten minds.

  • The Watermelon Shopper

    I am delighted to be collaborating with the team who have designed this watermelon shopping bag to act as a symbol of support for the Palestinians, who are seeking freedom and a ceasefire. These Watermelon shoppers are available to buy for £7. However if you spend more than £40 with us, I will purchase one on behalf of you and gift it to you.

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  • Punjab da Gulab 30ml Pillow Mists

    My bestseller scents Chambeli ka Phool and Punjab da Gulab are now available as 30ml pillow mist. A lovely accessory for the bedroom or hallway to give it a quick spritz, taking you away on a sensorial adventure of Pakistan.

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  • Punjab da Gulab Roll on Perfumes

    The Perfect Travel Accessory

    As we start to go into longer and brighter days, we will be coming out of hibernation and into going out mode.

    The perfect accessory any of us need for this is my collection of roll on perfumes, which come in a compact size and easy to fit into a pocket or clutch bag.

    All my scents are oil based which means they last longer than the average spray perfume.

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  • Luxury Serving Platters

    These serving platters are the perfect accessories to add some style to your table.

    As we start looking to plan for the May Bank Holidays with hopefully some glorious sunshine, these platters are exactly whats needed to add colour to your BBQ table.

    The platters come in all shapes & sizes and add a splash of colour and sub-continent style to any table.

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  • Mobile Diffusers

    These mobile diffusers are the perfect gift to give your home, available in 4 colours, Aubergine purple, dark grey, metallic gold and Matt black, these are not only stylish but very effective for large living room spaces.

    There’s no need for water & they work with all natural fragrances oil. You can choose from 11 different scent oils in our collection or use a favourite one you may have from elsewhere.

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  • Luxury Fragrance Gift Boxes Xperience Pakistan Lifestyle

    Luxury Gift Boxes

    These gift box can be personalised with your choice of scent to mix and match, choosing a combination of different formats such as a candle and diffuser, a diffuser and room spray and make perfect gifts for birthdays, house warming or weddings.

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  • Taruna

    " Can I please order four more Punjab da Gulab scented candles, it's the only scented candle that my husband likes and has asked me to get more. "

  • Natasha Khan (Trust Pilot)

    " As someone who has visited Pakistan several times since childhood, there is nothing like the entrancing scent when you walk past a stand of men selling jasmine necklaces and bracelets... Xperience Pakistan's floral scented candles have managed to package all my favorite memories of Pakistan in a small beautifully decorated jar...."

  • Amir Burney

    " ASA, I received your Chambeli Ka Phool room spray yesterday. It's an excellent product, great packaging and the scent itself is wonderful. I will be recommending it highly to all my friends & colleagues. Well Done, both Asma & I love it. "

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