Speakers for School

Speakers for School is an initiative set up by Robert Peston as a bid to close the gap often found between the state and private education. The initiative entails employers from various backgrounds to work with schools in deprived areas via workshops, inspiring talks or work experience. 

I am committed to use my position of privilege to give back and help empower the youth, giving them the skill sets needed to succeed the world they live & to make them understand not to sell themselves short based on the postcode they are born into.

Some of the initiatives I have undertaken have been with the fashion students at Uxbridge who worked with me for a week to design t-shirts which celebrated the 75th anniversary of Pakistan independence & a virtual weeks placement in covid in which they had to design face masks.

If your school would like to get involved in doing a creative project a weeks work placement, please get in touch & we can discuss how this could be done.