Collection: Hawkes Bay of Karachi

The Story

Hawkes Bay Beach is beautiful & popular beach amongst the locals, which can be found 20km south west from the main city centre. It is known for its crystal clear waters & lots to do from snorkelling, scuba diving to Jet Skiing. The design of the label reflects the shades of blue one can see at the beach, the contemporary design is a reflection of how modern & contemporary the people of Karachi are.

SCENT: Eucalyptus, Gardenia & Musk

The scent has been inspired by the fresh scents one smells when at a coastal city. Although not a scent synonymous with Pakistan, it hopes to conjure up the feeling of being there with fresh notes and the design. Top notes comprise of Eucalyptus, bergamot with a middle note of gardenia and a base note of musk.