Bringing Pakistan to your home Xperience Pakistan Lifestyle

Bringing Pakistan to your home

Xperience Pakistan Lifestyle Truck Art CollectionsI am so excited that after a few sobs & a few months of self pity, I've been able to pick myself up and bring this amazing collection inspired by Truck Art, all created and designed by a female entrepreneur in Pakistan. 

My sister company Xperience Pakistan was set up in 2018 as a means to educate people about Pakistan through the development of experiences that one wouldn't associate with Pakistan like Golfing and Yoga. Sadly the pandemic has hit the business hard and with Pakistan being on the red list, I can't see how I will take anyone to Pakistan just yet.

So, I figured if I can't take you to Pakistan, why not bring some of it to your home through collaborating with other small business owners. Saima, the person behind the collection is absolutely passionate about the history behind Truck Art. She wanted to enable people to enjoy it in their homes without the need to go to exhibitions. 

The collection we have selected is made up of trays, matka handi's (serving pots), serving bottles, note books, gel pens and bookmarks. Each product is made up of vibrant colour using digital prints, paint or chamak patti, all of which is made by hand by the local people in Pakistan.

Pakistan's culture is all about colour, intricate handicraft, bird and floral designs.


That's why whether it's the trays, water bottles or notebooks you will see this theme coming through.  We have tried to educate you about some of the places to visit in Pakistan through the stories behind some of the names of our products which have been named by different geographic locations. 

With overseas holidays still looking unlikely & the British weather still not behaving itself, this collection is a great way to bring sunshine to your home any event you plan to host this summer.

The techniques used to make this collection comprise of digital prints, chamakpatti and paints. 

Pakistan is home to some of the most creative individuals I know. Over the weekend I was looking through a wedding photo album of a friend who has recently got married in Islamabad, this was amidst the Covid havoc. Despite all of this the stage set up was unbelievable made up of orange and red flowers & some of the most creative soft furnishings and lighting for all the different stage set up for the different events. When I look at this collection, it reminds me of my time in Pakistan and brings back lots of nostalgic memories of attending weddings and seeing the Trucks with their truck art go past us as I would look out of the window on my to college. 

One of things that we are known for is the decor, when you go for a meal in Pakistan, it's not just about the food, the decor and set up is equally important. This is something that I continue to do in my home in the UK. My kids are used to it now but in the beginning they would also ask, do we have guests coming because every lunch and dinner, without fail I set the table up as though we are planning to host. 

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