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Kaashi Artists Scented Candles

Kaashi Artists Scented Candles

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This collection of Authentic Imperfections comprise of ceramic vessels which have been made by hand in Hala, Sindh, which is in the South of Pakistan. These have been named imperfections because they are chipped in some places, however that is the very charm of the product and much like Pakistan, which perhaps lacks refinement but offers some much authenticity and beauty than perhaps other destinations that superficially may appear perfect. 

Story behind the Name

The name of the vessel has been dedicated to the artists as a means to give them the spotlight in recognition of their work.

This design is very typical of the core design of many of the items created by them.

About Kaashi Artisits

Hala is famous for its Kaashi artists who have been perfecting their craft since the Arab invaders of Sindh. One of its most popular handicrafts are its signature glazed earthenware pottery with intricate floral designs. 

Each piece goes through a long and arduous process, which involves about 20 steps per product, in order to ensure that each piece comes out unique and special. The clay is left to soak and soften in water before it can be shaped into objects, and is covered with cloth or plastic to keep it damp. The clay is then placed on a potter’s wheel or a special mold, and made into objects by the artisans. One of the most interesting, yet difficult part of this process, is that of molding the clay in the wood-fuelled furnaces and kilns. This is where the shaped pottery pieces are heated for about 20 hours, before the bricks are solid enough to begin the painting process.

The painting itself is beautiful and intricate, with many artists improvising their floral patterns, called ‘kash kari’ in the local vernacular. It is a breath taking experience to watch each artisan bring their designs to life using nothing but a paintbrush and some ink. The steadiness of their hands as they paint, rivals the sharp details of any machinery. On our tours if interested, we are able to arrange for the artisans to give you a pottery lesson, allowing you to relax and unwind, enjoying a unique experience and getting to know the locals. The local artisans take pride in their work and appreciate it when tourists take an interest in what they do. There is something quite therapeutic about doing it yourself or watching paint beautiful, kaleidoscopic images onto the clay, ready to sell or ship off elsewhere.

Source: Handicrafts from Hala: A Tradition of Ceramics, Cloth & More, Dr Saba Noor, Youlin Magazine, 22nd April 2021.

Our Candles 

These candles are made to order and you have a choice of which wax and scent you'd like them to be made from. They are made by me in my kitchen with a lot of love and affection as I wish to take you away to Pakistan through the collection of scents which bring back nostalgic memories of Pakistan and through which I wish to share the sensorial experience with you.

This vessel is 50cl and has a burn time of around 60 hours.


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