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F (Fatima) - Musk & Rose Oud

F (Fatima) - Musk & Rose Oud

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Pakistan was created on the premise of Islam. Mothers of Islam is a collection created to highlight women who played a significant role in the adoption and spread of Islam.

Hazrat Fatima (ra)*, was one of them, she was the prophet’s (pbuh) daughter with his wife Hazrat Khadija, she was also the wife of Hazrat Ali (ra), the last if the Caliphs & know for his incredible support to help spread the message of Islam.

She is known by many titles, Zahra (Lady if Light), Sayyidatun Nisa al Alamin (Leader of the women of the worlds). After the death of her mother Hazrat Khadija, Prophet Muhammed* (pbuh) was distraught, she looked after her father so devoutly that he used to call her Umme Abiha (mother of her father). She learned a lot from observing her father and his preaching and played an active role in dressing the wounds her father sustained by disbelievers who did not like what he preached.

Fatima has been described as a beautiful, brave & modest woman. Her modesty has inspired many Muslim women throughout history, the headcovers worn by Muslim women, of which there are several versions, including the hijab, are not merely a religious symbol and statement but also a way for the Muslimahs (Muslim women) to emulate the example of women like Fatimah. 

Islam places a lot of importance to women as individuals & as mothers, a complete verse by the name of An Nisa was revealed by Allah and can be found in the Quran, stipulating the rights they have in which inheritance & divorce is also included.

Women form the foundation of any society because they play such an important role on nurturing & raising children, tomorrow's leaders & community members.

The scent is a blend of musk & rose oud, with a hint of vanilla to soften it, one of the most popular scents in Arabia. The oils are especially sourced from Dubai, to ensure it has an authentic Arabian scent.

As a mark of respect ra stands for radiulla anha for women & radiulla anhu for men, which is said after mentioning her name.


£2 is donated  towards helping rebuild the villages which were destroyed by the floods in August 2022

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