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Large Sharing Platters with dipping pots

Large Sharing Platters with dipping pots

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In response to requests from our valued customers, we have designed a range of generously-sized sharing platters accompanied by three bowls for sauces, olives, or cubes of cheese. These vessels are slightly shallower than usual.

The collection comes in 4 different designs.

Drawing inspiration from the intricate Islamic artworks found adorning the mosques of Pakistan, and from the cobalt and emerald hues often seen in the waters of the Arabian Sea bordering Gwader in the South West of the nation, our platters and dipping pots exude a luxurious beauty that is one of a kind.

The platters are made in India & sourced in collaboration with another female entrepreneur. 

The platters are made from mango wood, with printed paper and a lacquer. By not having a tile, it keeps the platter light and less prone to breakage.

The dimensions are 42cm x 43cm.

These platters are the perfect way to present a selection of snacks for any event or as a smorgasbord for BBQ meats / vegetables.


Just use a damp sponge to wipe the surface and a clean cloth to dry. Do not put in a dishwasher or immerse in washing up liquid.

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