Yasmeen Lari Pakistan Floods Project - Aug 2022

Giving back to the communities I live in and have lived amongst is of great importance to me. Thats why when I came across the great work that Yasmeen auntie is doing, I thought I had to get involved and help in whatever capacity I could. This page has been designed to help raise awareness about what she is doing & what our involvement in the project is.

Yasmeen Lari & Sikhana are working together to raise funds to help rebuild the infrastructure needed by the communities who were affected by the floodings in August 2022, to enable them to rebuild their livelihood so they can support themselves and not be reliant by on-going donations.

The initiative runs by the name of Dosti Villages in Sindh.

It's a new way of donating, we simply ask you to give directly to our trusted vendors for water pumps, mobile phones, Lime Bags & Solar panels & lights, who then go and install in the villages which need it, guided by her ground team. This cuts out the middle man.

Sikhana donates £2-£5 towards water pumps & solar & light panels, from every purchase you make from our lifestyle collection, however if you would like to simply donate without purchasing anything from the store, you can. Below are the breakdown of the costs & account details of where you can pay.

Each of these items caters for 1 village - 50 households (around 350 people).

The Lime bags, helps the house become more water resistant to future floods, The villages are also being built so that they have a lime based moat around them, which will hopefully protect them from annual floodings. The mobile phones are designed to enable the communities to stay connected with Yasmeen's ground team in Karachi providing them with updates on the businesses they've been able to set up & the revenue they are earning. The phones also enable them to stay connected and trade.

If you are paying directly, kindly whatsapp Mr Ashfaq on 00 92 309 2351 895, once you've made the payment. Mr Ashfaq manages the project on the ground, working with the vendors & advising them on where to send the material to.




Dilshad - 00 92 305 393 0255, JS Bank  IBAN No. PK51-JSBL-9049-0000-0046-6756

Om Prakash - 00 92 300 309 3921, JS Bank IBAN No: PK20-JSBL-9049-0000-0039-7086

SOLAR PANELS & LIGHTS - Rs.40K (1 solar panel & 12 lights)

Noor Comm 00 92 342 856 8460, Habib Bank, IBAN No PK34-HABB-0000-8779-0103-4703

Naik Mohammed 00 92 318 319 3450. Allied Bank, IBAN No. PK23-ABPA-0010-0725-8494-0017

LIME BAGS - Rs.22.5K (50 BAGS)

Imran 00 92 312 390 7034, Bank Al-Habib, IBAN No. PK77-BAHL-1140-0081-0046-3501

Farooque Hardware 00 92 321 371 0727, Meezan Bank, IBAN No. PK86-MEZN-0012-4101-0473-5209


Noor Communication 00 92 342 856 8460, Habib Bank, IBAN No PK34-HABB-0000-8779-0103-4703

Sanaullah 00 92 340 538 2788, UBL, IBAN No PK07-UNIL-0109-0002-4573-7068


Together we can help these people regain their dignity and rebuild their lives.