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Shah Jahan Mosque Scented Candles

Shah Jahan Mosque Scented Candles

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This collection of Authentic Imperfections comprise of ceramic vessels which have been made by hand in Hala, Sindh, which is in the South of Pakistan. These have been named imperfections because they are chipped in some places, however that is the very charm of the product and much like Pakistan, which perhaps lacks refinement but offers some much authenticity and beauty. 

Story behind the Name

The design of this vessel has been inspired by the mosque, with its use of the domes along the edges and the floral patterns. Through this collection we wanted to focus on some of the most iconic sights and bring them to life through the scents and unique handicraft that Pakistan has to offer.

About Shah Jahan Mosque

The Shah Jahan Mosque in Thatta is no doubt the most beautiful Mughal structure in Sindh. It was built by the Mughal King as a gift to the people of Thatta for their hospitality. It took 3 years to build it, starting in 1644. Besides the simple yet elegant design, it is the geometric details of the mosque, which is the feature which stands out the most. 

In many ways this design differentiates from typical Mughal styles. Firstly there are no Frescoes yet more prominent than this is teh fact that there are no Minarets. The mosque design has been influenced by a fusion of Sindhi, Timurid, Persian & India amongst others. It has the greatest amount of domes of any structure in Pakistan.

Source: Tales from Thatta: Shah Jahan Mosque, Muhammad Asif Nawaz, Youlin Magazine, April 2021.

Our Candles 

These candles are made to order and you have a choice of which wax and scent you'd like them to be made from. They are made by me in my kitchen with a lot of love and affection as I wish to take you away to Pakistan through the collection of scents which bring back nostalgic memories of Pakistan and through which I wish to share the sensorial experience with you.

This vessel is 50cl and has a burn time of around 60 hours.


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