Our Working Practise

We order from our suppliers every Thursday 

Whilst we make the home scents in house, some of the products we sell have been developed with third party suppliers, some of which are in Pakistan.

We believe in keeping waste to a minimum and therefore as a young company, who's still building their audience and customer base, we have decided not to pre-order lots of stock. We only order once we receive a confirmed order.

We order every Thursday from our third party suppliers, therefore if we receive an order on a Friday, please allow for 3 weeks from the following Thursday for our Truck Art Collection. For other collections from third parties, please allow for a week.

Our home fragrance collections can be shipped the same day or the next day, depending on stock.

80% of our products are handmade 

The majority of our products are hand made either by us or by other small businesses we work with around the world. From our stickers to our products, we believe in supporting other small businesses.

We believe in fair prices for our suppliers & consumers

We believe in providing value for money for our consumers and ensuring we pay fairly to our suppliers, where ever possible we use recyclable packaging or keep packaging to a minimum. We don't want to have to increase the price of our products to our consumers, for expensive packaging nor do we want to pay less to our suppliers because we want to improve our margins.