Collection: Chambelli Ka Phool

Chambelli, also known as Jasmine, is the national flower of Pakistan. If I think of Pakistan & the fond memories I have there, this is the first scent that comes to my mind. In the evenings when we would have tea after our afternoon siesta sitting on the verandah, there would be a sweet scent of Jasmine in the backdrop. 

These are also popular flowers at weddings & brides are often ordained with jewellery made from these in the form of bracelets, necklaces and ear rings, which they wear at their mendhi, pre-wedding celebrations. If you want to enjoy an essence of the culture of Pakistan in your home then this is definitely a fragrance to purchase. 

The design of the labels have been inspired by the henna nights in which brides hands gave beautiful henna designs and their wrists are ordained with Jasmine floral bracelets. 

When I came across this blend of honeysuckle & Jasmine I was so excited because it's the closest resemblance I have found.

They have been designed by a local designer in the UK, Nida Zuberi, whose a graduate from the renowned Indus Institute in Karachi.