Sweet Smelling Partnerships for Community Connections

Mobile Diffusers for Large Surface Areas

Smell is one of the 5 senses to connect with your customer base. A chosen fragrance can help to connect with consumers on a deeper emotional level, resulting in a memorable experience. It can conjure up emotive and nostalgic memories as well as attract new customers, increase value perception and expand brand recognition. A Washington State University study in 2012 found that shoppers in a scented shopping mall spent on average 20% more. (The study was carried out on 400+ shoppers in Switzerland over a 2 week period)

If you are an owner of a business whether thats a small boutique hotel, cigar lounge, luxury boutique, clinic, dental practice or restaurant & are wanting to set the right ambience with a welcoming scent for your customers, then I have the perfect portfolio of scents to do that.

Sikhana is a socially responsible luxury brand, which aims to not only make money but to also give back to society via education to create harmony and donations.

The brand educates people about cultures and topics misrepresented by the mainstream media in order to bring people together. Each scent has a story about it to help people grow their minds. 

I empower people through a variety of initiatives I donate to from each sale. The projects range from sponsoring the local women's and girls cricket team in Chalfonts St Peters, our Ramadan Food Parcels for local families irrespective of faith, which we do in Ramadan to working with Yasmin Lari in Pakistan to help build wells and solar panels in the villages impacted by the floods two years ago. 

Since launch I have also taken part in a number of Xmas markets, fairs, independent pop ups in Angel and Hammersmith and a number of John Lewis Stores around London from Peter Jones, Oxford Street to Brent Cross and Harvey Nichols Manchester. This has provided me with well grounded analysis on what my bestsellers are which I would recommend. However I can with confidence say that all my scents are well received and liked and not all of my clients opt for the bestsellers as each brand has a distinct personality.

My mobile diffusers are the perfect device to scent a medium to large surface space. Not only do they look elegant but due to the fact that they are wireless, they provide you with lots of flexibility to place them wherever you need them. They last around 72 hours per charge.

I already work with a number of designer boutiques such as Mohsin Nawaz Ranjha who has my Chambelli Ka Phool as his signature scent in all of his 6 stores in London, Pakistan and New York, as well as restaurants such as Moyagi in Oxford Street & Kahani in Sloane Square.

If you would like to learn more about my brand, my scents & my B2B pricing, I would love to meet you & give you a smell of my portfolio of scent collection.

Please email me on contact@sikhana.uk or call me on 0203 150 1444 and I would be happy to pop by and take you on sensorial adventures which don't just generate an income for me but also help me donate to global projects which help empower others to earn a living.

Let's work together to develop a sweet smelling partnership for community connections to make it a better place for our children and grandchildren.