Collection: Pakistani Truck Art Stationary Collection

The products in this range have been design by Saira Gul. Her product portfolio truly represents how she has always wanted to keep hand painted truck art alive and relevant, giving it a contemporary and fun feel with the products that have been curated. The collection comprises of a mix of modern digital prints & more authentic handicrafts such as chamakpatti. 
She claims, "It's not enough for me to just make some beautiful items but I want to come up with limitless creative designs. My goal is to honour the history of Truck Art by enabling people to connect with it, without having to go to an Art Gallery.
The brand is committed to empowering the local community of Pakistan, having a diverse range of skilled labour & creative team members.
Saira believes a house becomes a home, when its people can creatively organise the decor to make it come alive with a signature look & feel.