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Luxury Mobile Diffusers for fragrance oils

Luxury Mobile Diffusers for fragrance oils

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Our homes and cars are reflections of who we are, so we want the finest luxury fragrances that suit our personalities. For those who spend a lot of time in their cars, make the experience special with a unique diffuser that works with pure scent oils! This diffuser is offered in four colors and arrives with a selection of fragrances that make it a great gift for those who have just gotten their license. Not only is it ideal for cars, but it's perfect for large living areas too!

Treat a car owner or a new home owner with this delightful and stylish diffuser.

You can purchase the mobile diffuser on its own or bundle with a choice of one of our 7 fragrance oil scent options, saving yourself £5 if bought together.

The diffusers are charged using a USB lead, which comes with the device & last for several hours. Fits nicely in the cupholder in your car.

Scent options ranked based on bestsellers

  • Punjab da Gulab (Tuberose & Orange Leaves)
  • Chambelli ka Phool (Jasmine & Honeysuckle)
  • Hunza Blossoms (Peony & Tuberose)
  • Swat Switzerland of Asia (Basil & Neroli)
  • Walled City of Lahore (Luxury Red Roses)
  • NEW Margalla Hills of Islamabad (Black Pomegranate & Cardamom)
  • NEW Hawkes Bay of Karachi (Eucalyptus, Gardenia & Musk)

A donation is made towards the Yasmeen Lari Dosti project from every sale. 

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