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NEW Al Fresco Dining - Sindh Date Palm Leaf Baskets

NEW Al Fresco Dining - Sindh Date Palm Leaf Baskets

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Date palm leaves have long been used for crafting various handmade items, especially in the rural region of Sindh, Pakistan. The traditional craft of weaving these leaves into baskets, which not only preserves cultural heritage but also provides a sustainable source of income for women artisans in this region. 

The collection has been developed in collaboration with the company ' Sartyoon Sang' meaning "together with friends", they act as the conduits between us and the artisans.

The collection is made up 4 core colours (green, pink, blue & black) & 4 prints (pink & green, black & white, blue and yellow, purple & pink), which have been made using naturally sourced ingredients to create the dyes. As these are all handmade there will be some variation in shades, no two items are identical. 

There are 3 styles available in this collection

  • Hot Pot
  • Fruit Basket
  • Bottle Holder

Purchases from this collection helps us empower the women in Sindh and gives them a regular income stream.

This collection is perfect for Al Fresco Dining & storage. 

The dimensions of the baskets are 24cm diameter x 13cm height.

The woven bottle holders are 16cm diameter x 26cm height.

Holiday Tours

If you'd be interested to visit Pakistan to explore Sindh, where these baskets are made, we can help arrange this for you, our Glimpses of Pakistani Heritage Tour, is a great starting point.

This product provides livelihood for the Artisans in Sindh

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