Collection: Swat, Switzerland of Asia

This luxury room spray has been dedicated to the region of Swat bringing to life the burst of pink one can see in the Cherry Blossoms season in Swat. It is nick named Switzerland of Asia because of its natural beauty and snow capped mountain peaks. 

The fragrance is a gorgeous Neroli and Basil scent, reflecting the fresh crisp scents one can smell when in the mountains.  


The colours & design of the label have been inspired by the pine forests and alpine meadows covered with the pink flowers of cherry which can be experienced in Swat in March. The scenery has an enchanting impact on your eyes. Kalam Valley, Malam Jabba, Mahudand Lake, Gabral Lake, each of the different locations in Swat are filled with several colors that are only visible in the spring season.

The fruit-laden orchards, lush green fields, and flower-filled mountain slopes make it spectacular for the visitors in the cherry blossom season.