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Eau de Parfum Xperience Pakistan Fragrance Collection

Eau de Parfum Xperience Pakistan Fragrance Collection

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Due to popular demand and consumer requests, last year I launched your favourite scents as a Eau de Parfum.

  • Punjab da Gulab (Tuberose & Orange Leaves),
  • Chambeli Ka Phool (Jasmine & Honeysuckle)
  • Walled City of Lahore (Luxury Red Roses) 

The perfume is alcohol free & comes in 50ml bottles packaged in a lovely velvet pouch, so it's easier to carry around & kinder to the environment as it requires no disposal.

The pouches have been made by the local women of Vietnam, supporting local female entrepreneurs and providing work for the women who work in the local farming districts. These women are paid fairly and there is no child labour involved. All dyes used are environmentally friendly and natural.

Inspiration behind the scents

All the scents in the collection are inspired by different cultural aspects of Pakistan & developed from nostalgic memories I have of the country. Details behind the inspiration can be found in the relevant pages for the collections.

The labels have been designed by a local designer in the UK, Nida Zuberi, a graduate from the renowned Indus institute in Karachi. 

 £1 from every sale is made towards the Yasmeen Lari Dosti Project.

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