Collection: Mothers of Islam

This collection was created on the premise of educating people about the rights Islam has bestowed to women & enlightening people about 3 prominent women, Aisha, Fatima & Khadija, who played an active role in commerce and in society spreading knowledge & the message of Islam.

Often the patriarchal practises found in many muslim countries is actually a stark contrast to the rights Islam has given women and an anti-islamic opinion is formed amongst non-muslims and muslim women who aren't as knowledgable about the faith, claiming it to be oppressive & anti-women, which is far from the truth.

A surah (quranic chapter), named An-Nisa was revealed in the Quran by Allah, which clearly stipulates the rights women have from inheritance to divorce, as well as expectations of a woman in society as an individual, mother and wife.

Heaven lies beneath the feet of your mother' is an Islamic saying by the prophet Muhammad, this hadith is prominent in Muslim culture - emphasising that a child must respect their mother to gain passage into heaven. This is a recognition that it is the mother who bears the pain of child birth, who sacrifices her sleep to care and tend to her child & her desires to ensure her child is not left in need.

The story behind this hadith is that a man came to the prophet and asked “Who is most worthy of my kind treatment?” The prophet said: “Your mother.” The man asked: “Then who?” The prophet again replied: “Your mother.” The man further asked: “Then who?” The prophet said again: “Your mother.” The man asked: “Who after that?” The prophet responded: “Then your father.”

£2 of the revenue goes towards helping build water pumps & solar light panels for the villages affected by the floods, so that they can rebuild their livelihood & live with dignity.