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GulKhan Truck Art

Turquoise Bird Gel Pen

Turquoise Bird Gel Pen

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This beautiful gel pen is part of the Truck Art Collection which has been inspired by the vibrant colours which can be found on the Trucks.

Truck art is a popular form of regional decoration in South Asia, with Pakistani and Indian trucks featuring elaborate floral patterns and calligraphy. Pakistani decorated trucks servicing Afghanistan came to be known as jingle trucks by American troops and contractors.

In the late 1940s, when trucks began long-haul journeys to deliver goods, each company designed a logo so that illiterate people would understand who owned the truck. Over time, these logos became increasingly ornate and the trucks are now used to spread key messages or find missing people.

The pen comprises of chamakpatti handwork.

£1 is donated towards the Yasmeen Lari Project

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