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Car / Wardrobe Diffusers

Car / Wardrobe Diffusers

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Scent play such a huge role in our lives, apart from the practical aspects, which is about masking unwanted odours, it is also a reflection of who we are & often we use them to remind us of nostalgic memories. 

These car diffusers which many of my customers also use as wardrobe diffusers, are a great way to scent your car in a cute small bundle.

They are available in all the scents in our collection and typically last 5-6 weeks. They hold on average 8ml diffuser oil. To refill you can simply order one of our diffuser refill oils and refill yourself at home.

To use, remove the stopper by unscrewing the top. Give it a little shake before you use. You do need to tip it upside down every 4-5 days but please do outside of your car or over a sink, as some drops might spill out.

This has been a great addition to our selection of home fragrances. 

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