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Margalla Hills of Islamabad Room Sprays

Margalla Hills of Islamabad Room Sprays

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The Story

From its perch on the plush green slopes of the Margalla Hills National Park, nestled on the Northeast border of the bustling capital of Islamabad, the vista from Monal restaurant is simply breathtaking. Tourists and locals alike flock to the foothills of the Himalayas seeking these beloved trails, and a chance to drink in the view of the sprawling metropolis.

Scent: Pomegranate & Cardamom

The diverse, melding cultures of Islamabad, capital city, come alive each evening in the form of decadent dinner parties and luxurious soirees. There is no more fitting tribute to such revelries than the Margalla Hills Room Spray, a symphony of cardamom, pomegranate, patchouli, tobacco, and amber. A truly exquisite scent.

These room sprays come in 100ml bottles, packaged in a luxury glass bottle and come in a luxury rigid black box, finished off with a foiled labels, which have been embellished with pearls stuck on individually by hand.

These sprays can also be used on bedding & your clothing. Many of our customers also use these as perfumes, however this is at their personal risk.

They make great gifts for loved ones or a lovely treat for yourself. 

Subscription Model

If you have a favourite scent from our collection, then we have a subscription model, in which for £150 a year, we will send a bottle out to you, every 3 months, giving you a saving of £10 overall and saving you the hassle of having to re-order. You don't always have to have the same scent, we can surprise with you fresh or richer scents depending on the time of year.

A donation is made to the Yasmeen Lari Dosti Village Project from every sale

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