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NEW Large Candles (50cl)

NEW Large Candles (50cl)

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Feel the warmth of the people of Pakistan in your homes, with one of these NEW Large Candles (50cl) to bring a piece of Pakistan into your home. Hand poured with luxury fragrances inspired by the scents of Pakistan, these candles will burn for approx. 60 hours of bliss! Decorative stickers, with lid or with beautiful embroidered sleeves - which mix will you choose?

To cater for all budgets, you can build and make your own candle, based on how many finishing touches you'd like to add.

Please note that Punjab da Gulab comes with a pink embroidered sleeve & Chambelli ka Phool comes with a yellow sleeve.

£2 is donated towards helping rebuild the villages which were destroyed by the floods in August 2022 in Pakistan

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