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Punjab Da Gulaab Luxury Scented Candles

Punjab Da Gulaab Luxury Scented Candles

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When I think of Pakistan, rose petal bracelets is what comes to mind, no wedding is complete in Pakistan without these. These are often presented to the boys side of the family, as they come with their Barat (procession) to take the bride back to their home.

This scented candle has a Tuberose & Honeysuckle fragrance, it has a burn time of approximately 10 hours.

It can be made with Soya wax, should you require.

The Story behind the Name

Punjab is one of the provinces in Pakistan, where Pakistan borders onto India, it is also a province in which roses are grown. Gulaab literally translated means Rose in English.

The labels have been designed by a local designer in the UK, Nida Zuberi. 

£5 is donated towards the Yasmeen Lari Project.

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