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Punjab Da Gulab Luxury Reed Diffusers

Punjab Da Gulab Luxury Reed Diffusers

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The scent has been inspired by the scent one smells at weddings in Pakistan, which are surrounded by bracelets made of rose petals which are presented to guests attending the wedding, particularly the boys side of the family as they enter the wedding hall.

The luxury reed diffuser comes in a bottle of 100ml and is expected to last on average 5 months. It's one of our bestsellers & it's a gorgeous scent of Tuberose & Orange Leaves. It comes beautifully packaged in a luxury black box complete with pearl embellishments on the stickers.

The diffuser can also be bundled as part of a gift box.


To ensure we stay true to the brand, we encourage all our customers to purchase the refills, rather than buy a new diffuser. This is kinder to the environment and cheaper to the wallet.

A donation is made towards helping build water pumps & solar panels for villages affected by the flooding's in Pakistan

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